One of the items on my summer bucket list was to learn how to swim. Six lessons later I was able to float and swim across the pool. Woohoo! My backstroke is absolutely awful, so I guess I know what I need to work on.

After learning the basics, I knew that I could start checking water activities off of my list. First on my list? VISIT A WATER PARK! As a kid I didn’t really participate in water activities because a) I didn’t know how to swim and b) I didn’t have modest swimwear. My sister and I would randomly wear lonnnnnnnng t-shirts over our one piece swim suits, but once we hit our teen years my mom and dad didn’t think that was appropriate.


A few weeks ago HydroChic offered to allow me to review their modest swimwear, and I jumped at the chance. Trust me–I shrieked with happiness. I got so excited I wasn’t sure where I was going to wear my modest swimwear. Should I try kayaking? Water aerobics? Surfing? Paddle boarding? Then I realized that this was the perfect time to finally visit a water park.

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Sunday Sequins
Since it seems like the only time I wear this skirt is on Sundays, I’ve decided to call this my Sunday Sequin Skirt!

I went to a water park with my husband this weekend, and I got banged up on one of the slides. I got several bruises on my legs and arms, but I had a great time!

Today is my first day back to work (students come back next week), so I’ll be in professional development for the rest of the week. Anybody willing to help me finish decorating my sixth grade classroom? ANYONE?!

Two of my co-workers and I stumbled upon some knit fabric at a teacher discount store, and each bolt of fabric was $15! That’s an awesome price.  So, I tried fabric instead of paper for one of my walls, and it took me over an hour to finish. I should have used a woven instead of stretch knit. I ended up using paper for the rest of my walls.

photo (5)

Here’s the fabric we purchased.

photo (6)

You can see the fabric I used on the far left. It’s so crooked; I’m too embarrassed to show a close up! Ha!

I’m wearing a J. Crew Factory top, a Target sequin skirt, Forever 21 heels (similar), and a clutch I purchased at a flea market.

 It’s already been established that floral is my current favorite print. Now let’s discuss the fabric that I’ve been loving. Neoprene aka scuba fabric. It’s a thick synthetic fabric typically used for scuba gear, but over the past two years or so the fabric has been popping up in the form of women’s skirts, dresses, and tops. I own three or four “scuba skirts”, and this floral number was recently added to my closet.

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I’ve been on summer vacation since June 6th, and I had all these grand plans to, well, plan. I’m moving down a grade this year (7th to 6th), and I wanted to make some changes to my syllabus, classroom rules, and so on. I realized this week that I didn’t follow through with my ornate ideas, and school starts in two weeks! Crunch time!

I was able to attend two teacher conferences (one of them the Google Apps for Education conference…AWESOME), and I’ve got another conference this coming week.

Today, however, I am en route to a birthday party for my friend’s daughter. The party doesn’t start until this afternoon, but I’m leaving early to spend some time with my friend. I haven’t seen her since my wedding, and can you believe she’s invited me to visit her in Hawai’i and I’ve YET to accept that invite? Something is wrong with my head!

When I bought this striped J. Crew Factory top, I bought the polka dot top, too. After spending some time looking at fruit salad recipes on Pinterest last night, I ended up pairing my polka dot top, with my Kelly green maxi skirt, and my neon shoes. I think I had watermelon on the brain.

I’m wearing a J. Crew Factory polka dot top (similar here), a maxi skirt I purchased from Jane.com (sold out), a clutch purse I thrifted, and Charlotte Russe heels.

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