I subscribe to a few fashion magazines (3), and I enjoy reading and flipping through the glossy material when it arrives in my mailbox. I will admit that while I use the content for inspiration, I don’t use these magazines as a “Bible”, and firmly believe that anyone can buy the latest and greatest “fashionable” items, but very few individuals have their own unique style.

I pay very little attention to Hollywood flair, because the women that run in these circles pay big bucks for stylists (who can’t look great without the help of special help?) and typically wear clothing that I am not interested in wearing (too revealing) or cannot afford ($2,000 for strips of cloth? No.). Instead I tend to admire the ladies around me that dress to the beat of their own drum and evoke a sense of style and modesty that is rarely found in starlet circles.

Meet Miriam. Miriam is as crafty as she is stunning. This New England beauty is the mastermind behind the stunning Spellbound hair accessories. I stumbled across Miriam’s products through a giveaway and several days later I saw that she commented after me on a Facebook photo; to my surprise, we actually share several mutual friends.

A look at Miriam’s products will have customers believing that she has been making these accessories for years! Miriam admits that she has only been designing Spellbound gear for a little over one year after becoming fed up with the humdrum headbands and hair accessories that lacked flair and individuality. Miriam got to work one evening, and now her products will leave you spellbound.

MoMoMod: Why do you dress modestly? What difficulties do you have when attempting modest style? What tricks and tips can you offer to women who struggle with dressing modestly?

Miriam:  I dress modestly because I enjoy being classy and ladylike. I wouldn’t really say I have difficulties. I know my style and what works for me. I hear women say they can never find skirts long enough and the list goes on. So most of them end up wearing skits that drag the floor, and let’s be honest: that’s not flattering! My tricks of the trade are: vintage shopping! You can find awesome clothing at your local thrift shops and vintage clothing dealers. When you find something you like but you don’t like the length of it, have your tailor customize it. Too short? Add some cute trimmings to the bottom. There’s always a way to look modest and still look fabulous.

MoMoMod: You’re going on an out of town trip. What three essential items do you pack (aside from toiletries/undergarments)?

Miriam: Cute shoes (they can make or break an outfit), a cute cardigan, and always a fancy dress. I love to dress up!

MoMoMod: Aside from crafting up your awesome hair accessories, what other hobbies and skills do you have?

Miriam: I love to bake. I have a whole album on my Facebook page devoted to my sweets. I also enjoy working out and photography.

The in-your-face-immodest apparel that plagues us on a daily basis can be daunting and disheartening, but be reminded that there are still ladies that believe in modesty. Miriam is living proof that in a world where modesty is abnormal, it is most certain that we can find ladies with a love for modesty–and that’s normal.  

Miriam on Twitter

Spellbound on Facebook

Spellbound website

4 Responses to Modest Beauty: Meet Miriam

  • carmen d.m. rooker says:

    Miriam, read about you. Always told my husbnd you were going to go far. Your talent is amazing. Thank-you for the report on Modest wear. Your one classy young lady. Keep up the GREAT work yor doing.

  • Denene says:

    Thank you Miriam for being real! Modesty is not a thing of the past or only for the olden days. We need more young women to speak out—bold and beautiful with their fashion.. Love your style! I really enjoyed your article and would love to read more of them!

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