As a follow up to yesterday’s post on the definitive and refreshing style of Catherine “Kate” Middleton, I figured that it was only appropriate to focus on a MoMoMod reader with similar stylish qualities. Meet Brittany Rivers. Brittany’s brunette hair and clear complexion place her in the Kate Middleton Doppelgänger category. Brittany’s practical and no-nonsense style approach is the perfect example of timeless good taste.

Brittany admits that prior to her recent marriage to her husband, Stephen, she was content with straight to the point style. Brittany points out that it was her husband that encouraged to break certain fashion “rules” and experiment with style outside the proverbial box.

We can alsl learn a thing or two from Brittany: 1. Know what styles work for you, but be open to change 2. Save money by being selective about your clothing purchases 3. Invest in items that you love.

1. Why do you dress modestly? How long have you dressed modestly? I dress modestly because (before I was married) I wanted to preserve myself for the husband God had waiting for me. Now that I am married (almost 2 years!), I dress modestly out of love for him and the fact that I belong to him only! Of course, this conviction was deeply planted by biblical teaching of modesty as well as being surrounded by many Godly women who were (and are still) examples to me! I became more conscious of my clothing when I was about 12, when I began serving the Lord.

2. What problems have you encountered when seeking modest clothing? What solutions have you come up with? One thing I cannot bring myself to do is “rig” clothing. I avoid it at all cost. I’ve done it in the past and I shudder at the thought. If the skirt is too short, and I cannot add a ruffle or other trim to it (and make it look good!), I absolutely do not need it, even if it is a good deal! Buying clothes that need to be “rigged” fills your closet with a bunch of outfits that don’t “work” unless you have this pinned to that, have to wear 2 undershirts with it, etc. So, I try to find pieces that simply work. I have also found that a lot of vintage clothing has modest hemlines, as well as flattering fit- without being too form-fitting and revealing. I LOVE shopping for vintage clothing on eBay, Etsy (!!!!), and thrift shops.

3. Describe your style. What types of clothing do you avoid? What types of clothing styles do you embrace? I adore anything vintage. Vintage clothing also complements my shape very well. I have quite a few pieces, but I make my selections carefully- nothing’s charming about worn out. I wear other styles too; I’m currently loving the military trend (while keeping it feminine). I also love mixing patterns for an “artsy” look; this inspiration came from my husband! Before I was married, I dressed too matchy-matchy, and rarely stepped outside of the box when It came to mixing colors and patterns. Watching him effortlessly throw on a great outfit inspired me to break a few rules and experiment more. I have found that this widens my selection and stretches my wardrobe. You never know if it looks good until you just TRY it!! I look for very tasteful colors that can be paired with several different things, for instance, the blue pencil skirt in one of my photos- jackpot (from H&M)! I also love finding fancy headbands and different patterned tights/hose, two of my favorite ways to accessorize. My current favorite places to buy quality, unique clothing and accessories at good prices are Nordstrom Rack, Zara, Aldo, Guess (love their sales!), Express (hey have GREAT closet staples in lovely colors), Banana Republic, Target, and of course, as mentioned, any thrift store!

Besides avoiding “rigged” clothing, I also have quite an aversion to stretchy “slinky” materials- especially in unflattering patterns and colors; bulky shoes (as my mother calls them, clod-hoppers); OVERLY TRENDY ITEMS (stuff that EVERYONE and their cousin has), and clothing that “may fit a little better” a few months from now- it usually doesn’t, and therefore the clothing is a waste!

One thing I have done a lot of in the past and not so much lately, is get clothing altered. I do have a fantastic seamstress who charges reasonably. If you’re not careful, when shopping, you will end up with a huge cart full of clothing that doesn’t fit because, “Oh, I can get it altered!” This can become a bad habit and can be dangerous for the pocketbook! However, some clothing items are worth it, and I always know it when I see it!

4. What inspires your clothing selection? I believe the way I dress and present myself is not only a reflection of how I value myself, but it motivates me to be successful in everything I do. For instance, I work at home. I could get up in the morning and put on my Puma skirt and a hoodie, do my work, and get it done. But I have found that taking care in how I look even while working at home motivates me to excel in all that I do, even the everyday things. Being “ready” even while at home makes me feel like I’m ready take on anything, thus giving me the motivation to do anything I put my mind to. That being said, my clothing selections are things that I know will make me confident in myself and the way God made me to be. I try to achieve a very timeless style by finding quality items (at good prices, may I add) in tasteful colors, beautiful materials and flattering fit.

5. You’re going on a trip. What three things must always accompany you? 1.
Comfortable, yet versatile shoes! I know this from experience. On our week long trip to Paris, I did not pack very well. I did, however, pack a good pair of black suede boots. Those boots took me all over Paris! I ended up wearing them the whole week. On a recent trip to Chicago, totally different situation. Not a single good pair of walking shoes and very sore feet after only 2 days of walking! You never know what adventures are ahead, so always prepare for anything by packing a good pair of shoes! 2. A cross-body purse. Large shoulder bags become tiring and painful, especially if you take trips like we do- a lot of walking and adventure! I started taking a cross body purse so I don’t have to constantly adjust and switch shoulders. Depending on where you go, it’s probably safer too, because it’s not as easy for a thief to snag it {again, from experience, having my purse tugged at by a pick-pocket in Paris}. It’s also easier to keep up with, because you’re less likely to set it down and forget it. 3. Cardigans, especially V-neck ones. I love to mix and match these with different undershirts, skirts, and scarves. I always feel “safe” when I pack at least 2 or 3 of them!

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