Catherine “Kate” Middleton was already a media darling prior to her engagement to the United Kingdom’s Prince William. Since the two confirmed their engagement and pending nuptials, Catherine’s face has been splashed across magazines, blogs, websites, and even a newly (and highly criticized) minted coin.

Catherine has been compared to her late mother-in-law in many ways. Will she have the same persona as the late princess? Princess Diana didn’t care for the paparazzi; how will Catherine handle this task? How is Catherine’s style similar to Princess Diana’s style? The comparisons are innumerable and we will see more comparisons as the royal wedding approaches, and even after the royal wedding is completed.

I find Catherine’s style to be a breath of fresh air. When you leave your house you are sure to stumble upon a Lady Gaga look alike, a collagen induced lipped Angelina Jolie wannabe, exposed cleavage, and women with language that will make the most foul mouth man blush.

I get it: it’s not trendy to take on “lady like” characteristics. I get it: no one should tell a woman how to dress. I get it: we are free to dress any way we want to dress. I get it: to dress modestly is akin to tying a millstone around your neck and going for a swim in the ocean–it’s fashion suicide.

Still, I’m bound to believe that Catherine’s definitive, effortless, and lady like style is perfect in its own right. She gets it: A feminine dress is powerful. She gets it: Fascinators are fascinating. She gets it: A structured blazer can be the driving force behind virtually any ensemble. She gets it: Age old styles (i.e. the trench coat) can be worn in new age ways.

As 2010 comes to a close, I’m preparing to revamp and renew my wardrobe in preparation for the upcoming new year; no, I’m not taking my cue from Lady Gaga. Instead of wearing a meat dress and armadillo shoes, I plan to:

  1. Wear more fascinators and hats
  2. Opt for structured blazers
  3. Indulge in dresses
  4. Secure a versatile trench coat

Have you reached your limit with all things dealing with Prince William and Catherine Middleton? How do you rate Catherine’s style? Is there another public figure that your find to be an admirably stylish?

14 Responses to She Gets It: The Modest Style of Catherine Middleton

  • Chandra D says:

    Nisha, her style is very much conservative and a little bit different from how I usually dress; still, I admire her style!


  • I love this post—Jennine & I were just talking about how refreshing a more conservative/modest style is… Kate’s just really good at doing it stylishly.

    (Also, I love how well written this post was, stylistically!)

  • Chandra D says:

    Thank you, Ashe! I really do enjoy bright prints and colors and a few over-the-top goodies, but Kate’s style is indeed refreshing. I know that some will argue that she “has” to be this way because of her pending role, but pictures of her before she dated Prince William evoke the same style. It will be interesting to see how her style develops over the next couple of months.


  • Shey says:

    I love her style, I was looking through a magazine the other day and I found her style amazing, she looks so refined and elegant, Lady Gaga has no style sense at all in my opinion. I hope you are enjoying your days off, I’m jealous! hehe my days are almost over but I’m still having a good time doing nothing. =D

  • Cate says:

    i love Cate’s style. and i agree that it really is refreshing to see a more modest and feminine style. she creates such amazing silhouettes and i think her personal style is a great launch pad for someone looking to transition their look to a more mature and sophisticated feel.

  • Chandra says:

    Hi, Kelly! The 1st “I get it” sentences were me taking a stab at sarcasm (i.e. using comments people have stated about why dressing modestly is a thing of the past)! smile I don’t think dressing modestly is fashion suicide either! :o)

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