I’ve briefly talked about my battle with having my picture taken. I understand that “fashion” blogging must be visual. It’s not enough to talk about how to do something; readers want to see pictures, proof! I have professed that I am unphotogenic. I’m self conscious. I feel funny posing in front of a camera. I know most people laugh at these truths. How can a blogger that talks about clothing be self conscious? SHAM! FAIL! MOCKERY! LIAR! Oh, but it’s true.

One of my blogging goals for 2011 was to have a few more pictures of myself to complement my blog posts. I realized that begging people to take pictures of me gets old, so I knew I had to invest in a–wait for it–tripod! So I did. I would like to introduce you to a few of my first pictures taken with the aid of my new tripod. *applause*

My last blog post discussed my love for tiered and drapey long skirts. On Friday evening my sister and I had a dinner date and stopped by the outlets very briefly before dinner. I stumbled across a long ruffled/tiered skirt and I immediately thought, “Birthday cake!” With my excellent “luck” the skirt was not tagged and it was the last skirt of its kind on the rack. I just knew that the sales clerk would tell me, “Sorry. We can’t sell merchandise without a tag.” After she searched high and low for the skirt’s sibling, she told me that the skirt was $19.99 with an extra 50% off. The skirt doubles as a tube dress, and while I’ve never worn a tube dress, Lydia and Chanel left comments on my long skirt post stating that they wear long skirts as dresses.

I really love this skirt; it’s very much over the top and it’s not your typical boring black skirt. I paired the skirt with a sweater that I picked up at Target for $4.50, my patent leather BeBe Bailey pumps, and a black skinny belt.  


19 Responses to Modest Inspiration: Long Skirt Part Deux (and other ramblings)

  • Shey says:

    Oh my gosh!!What a beautiful skirt! I love it! You look absolutely beautiful Chandra, and congrats on the tripod, I never got used to using mine because I rarely take pictures outside, instead I just go to my little corner in my room and place my camera on the dresser, I’ve also tried convincing my son to take my pictures but he totally refuses =P
    Anyways, your outfit is beautiful and the skirt a great a steal!

  • Kerissa says:

    The entire looksl is smashing!!! And the pumps..aren’t we the same size? I want a tripod because I hunk my son is over taking photos of me. Maybe I’ll up his allowance so he’ll keep doing it, LOL.

  • Chandra D says:

    Thank you!!

    Shey, it’s been so cold (today was actually pretty nice) and I’m thinking about taking the rest of my pictures INSIDE!

    Kerissa, you and Shey might need to bribe your sons a little more. LOL

  • Chandra D says:

    Hey, Lydia, thanks. I love mustard yellow, and tend to pair it with black or navy. I didn’t attend Heritage, so I guess you met a twin/look-a-like! smile

    Tiffany, I just realized that my last few posts have showcased a few of my under $20 finds! I wanted these shoes for awhile, but avoided that $100+ price tag. I bought a Groupon for $25 and got a $50 Nordstrom Rack giftcard. I used the Groupon towards the shoes which were $31. YAY!

  • Chandra D says:

    Well, the shoes were $31, so I used the Groupon towards the shoes and had a little credit leftover. Hopefully that makes better sense!

  • Saidah says:

    That tired ruffles skirt looks fantastic. I found some like that last year that double as skirts or dresses. I love all the pictures you are using. The visual stuff is always great.

  • varrsity says:

    I respect you for conquering your fear head on.  We must tackle our fears and you have done exactly that.  I’m really feeling this blog. P.S. I hate taking pictures as well, so in a way, you have inspired me.

  • Chanel says:

    I love it! You chose the perfect yellow to go with skirt. I’m not real big on yellow, but this combo looks great. I just might have to give it a try. You look fab!

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