Today I am introducing the spiral curl, which I’m sure you have seen before. I am often asked how I curl my hair and what tools I use. My main tool is the Hot Tools curling iron, and I highly recommend this brand over any other. I’ve used several different brands of curling irons, and this one tops them all.  A friend of mine went off to join the Marines and left this curling iron at my house. Since she now wears her hair slicked back in tight buns, I’m sure she won’t be needing it anymore. Thanks, Rachel!!


I have used this method of curling on both the thin and thickest of thick hair (and I’m talking super thick), so everyone wins! So to the requests I received on for a post for thick hair, this should work for you. You don’t need “the wand“, or any special kind of curling iron, your regular one will do.

Take your barrel, and starting from the base, wrap your hair downward and away from your face. This will create wavy curls that frame the structure of your face.  Do this on both sides, so that the curls are facing the same direction on each side of your head.


After my curls have cooled down, I run my fingers through them to achieve a much fuller look.

This is what my finished product looked like:



These curls usually last me all day, which is what I love most.

What do you use to curl your hair? Is there a particular brand or method that works for you? Let me know!


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    • Denali says:

      This is super cool I love it I will need to try it!! Is there any YouTube videos that you would recommend for me to watch? It is easier for me to be walked through the process. Maybe you could make a video and post it. I am sort of struggling.

  • Stefanie says:

    My hair is thin, so this takes me 10-15 minutes tops! Though when doing this with thicker hair, I found that this is a quicker method. Thanks, Mary!

  • Diana says:

    I have tried to master this curl for so long! At first I thought it was because my hair is so long that the curls never took, but one of my fellow church goers with about the same hair length is able to get it to work…i wonder what I’m doing wrong…..

    • Stefanie says:

      I use a one inch curling iron. You can use a smaller, but they tend to turn out kinky/scraggly looking if you’re not careful. If you use a 1 1/2 inch iron, you will just create big waves. So it is up to you! 🙂

  • Brielle says:

    GORGEOUS! I have a couple questions though..
    1. Do you use any products in your hair to make the curl stay?
    2. What size barrel do you use?
    3. Do you use the clamp at all? If so, do you use it at the top or the ends?
    4. How long do you leave the curling iron on your hair?

    • Stefanie says:

      Hi Brielle!

      1. The only product I use is Tresemme, but that’s because it simply works so well on my hair. If you need products to help your curls last, I’d recommend a curl activator, a light gel, or a freeze hairspray.
      2. A 1 inch barrel.
      3. I don’t use the clamp at all. Some use the clamp wrapping the hair downward from the base of the barrel, but I try to avoid any dent marks.
      4. Around 7-10 seconds, not very long.

      Hope this helps!

  • Rosie says:

    Hello! You have beatiful hair!! My hair is just about that long and quite thick.
    But anyway…. what I was wondering I don’t have a clamp curling iron all I have is a wand (hot tools brand) could I do the samething with the wand? And do you think it would turn out the same?

    • Stefanie says:

      Hi Rosie! Thanks for your comment!

      You should be able to achieve the same look with the wand. You’ll see in the pictures that I don’t use the clamp at all.

    • Stefanie says:

      I start in the front at my natural part. From there I just do one side of my head and then the other. I don’t have a specific method. You could do all your bottom layers first and then your top layers. Whatever works best for you!

  • JessicaPoff says:

    I use the same exact curling iron as you. My hair is thick and course. Even though my hair is not quite long as yours it is at different lengths, layered. I use to do this a lot to my hair a long time ago and recently started it back again. I don’t know if it is my hair texture but the curls will last for about an hour or so then falls back to a big frizzed mess. Plus it takes me a good hour or more to do my hair this way.

    • Stefanie says:

      I grew up with a girl who had THICK and coarse hair. Frizzy, too. We curled her hair this way many times, and they seemed to stay for long periods of time. Maybe it’s the products you’re using? Thanks for your comment Jessica! 🙂

  • Mickey says:

    Ooh, I need to try this! This is how I curl my hair now:
    I separate top and bottom for more body. On the bottom, I curl both towards my face and away, alternating every other one. I do not use the clamp, but rather wrap it around the barrel like you. After my hair is hot to the touch, I unwrap it. Instead of letting it fall right away, I hold it in my cupped palm while it cools. (This is hard to describe without pictures!) Thus usually means the curl stays for longer, and will not become inadvertently too lose. I then spray with hairspray (are-sol tends to weigh it down less that a liquid base) and gently pull apart. On the top, I repeat the same process, but all curls face away from the face. I generally leave about an inch out on the bottom to give the curls a natural look. They always turn out super nice!

  • Katrina Roberts says:

    I have tried curling my hair with a wand, curling iron and a straitener but nothing seems to last or even curl. I have thin, naturally strait hair and it just never likes to curl. Any recommendations for techniques or products I could use to get this type of hairstyle?

      • Gina Marie says:

        I use Not your Moms kinky curl. They sell it at Wal-Mart and its amazing! I have fine straight hair and this is what I found to work best. Its 5 bucks so the price is great. Ty for your tutorial. I’ve always wanted spirals and ended up with blah.

  • heather says:

    when you are wrapping you hair around the barrel, it almost looks like youre twisting it before you wrap it… am i looking at it funny?

  • Hannah says:

    Wow that’s really pretty! I use a wand on my hair & I’ve used that same curling iron and love it! The only thing that doesn’t work for me is that my hair isn’t as long as I want it to be, so sometimes it makes my hair look even shorter! I’ve been growing it out but I was just wondering, how did you get your hair to be so long? Any special thing to make it longer without breaking off? Thanks! 🙂

    • Stefanie says:

      Hi Hannah! I have never cut my hair. I would suggest keeping it well conditioned and avoid putting a lot of heat to it. Blow drying and curling ten to cause a lot of breakage. Let your hair air dry after you shower and if you do curl it, use a heat protecting spray. Thanks for your question! 🙂

  • Kate says:

    Awesome!! I have a lot of trouble using a curling iron on my own hair – I can curl others hair no problem, and use a flat iron but for whatever reason this has always been so awkward to do to my own hair. I am going to give it another shot and try your way and hopefully will have better luck. Your hair is GORGEOUS!!

  • Tiffany Chryssikos says:

    so i have medium lenth hair and i was wondering it it would wirk the same as it would with someone with long hair?

  • Missy says:

    Oh, wow! I love this beautiful look. I had it only once, on my wedding day when a hair dresser did all of my hair like this. Now I know how to do it too! Can’t wait to try it.

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