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It seems like every year I go through this bouts of “Hmmm…should I continue blogging?” The blogosphere is so saturated with style blogs these days that it’s enough to make your head spin! So, I go back and forth and forth and back. Argh!

SB2 A few weeks ago two young ladies from my church put a clothing sale together, so several of us got together on a Wednesday night after service and sold or traded clothes. My beautiful friend Annaliza had this H&M dress in her pile of goodies and I traded a polka dot top I had for this dress. The dress has Grecian style sleeves (near the elbow, but a slit from the shoulder to the hem of the sleeve) and I figured I’d just sew up the sleeves. Well, after putting the dress on to wear to a baby shower on Friday I realized that the sleeves were very unflattering on me. I didn’t have time to remove the sleeves, so a cardigan was the easy route. The other easy route was simply wearing this same outfit to church Sunday night. When I wore the outfit Friday night I wore J. Crew Emery flats (LOVE).



You’ll also realize that I’ve gotta new hair-do; I got tired of messing with my hair, soooooo I got Senegalese twists last Wednesday. I used to have my hair braided every summer (and many times year around) until four or five years ago. I don’t plan on leaving them in too long, but not having to do my hair for the next few weeks will be GREAT!

Wearing: H&M pleated dress by way of trade, Gap cardigan, F21 belt, Kate Spade Charm heels by way of Poshmark (last seen here), handmade purse I purchased from the island of Saõ Miguel while vacationing in the Açores

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  • DWJ says:

    So have you decided you’re going to keep blogging or not? I think everyone goes in and out of that phase. I went on a hiatus and still haven’t been posting much. I’ve been considering not blogging by the end of the year. It has changed a lot since I started in 2008 and so have I.

    • Chandra says:

      You know, I haven’t really decided. I’ve also considered to stop blogging completely by the end of the year. I’ve been blogging (not this blog) since 2003 and ALOT has changed since then. Like you, I’ve also changed since I started blogging (this blog circa 2010) and I’m thinking that maybe I need to let blogging fall by the wayside. Every time I feel like I’m ready to let go I post something or I get emails from individuals asking why I haven’t posted. SIGH. I hope to have it all figured out…and soon!

      • DWJ says:

        Well…I decided to end it today. I know my heart wasn’t in it anymore and I didn’t want to go to the end of the year. You’ll figure out what you need to do 🙂

  • Nikell says:

    Love the dress!!
    As a blogger, I understand that question and have asked it myself a few times.
    Although there are tons of style blogs out there, there aren’t very many REAL modest style blogs out there. At least not to my knowledge. Some of the ones that do claim to be modest tend to compromise… a lot. Your blog is the only one that I’ve found so far that features real modesty without compromising. That’s why I’ve continued to follow. I hope you do continue to blog. The world needs to see More Modern Modesty (^_^)

  • Cindy says:

    Hi Chandra,
    Your dress is really pretty, and it looks good with the sweater and gold belt. Your shoes are lovely, too! Trading clothes is a great idea!

  • Angela says:

    I completely agree with you…your comment you made on my blog. I always try to wear clothing that are flattering to my body. Some trends are not for me. BTW this flowy dress is so gorgeous and those shoes!!! Ahh I need some just like that.

  • Alexandra says:

    I didn’t know that you have been blogging that long… No wonder you’re such a pro! I can see how you have considered retiring from blogging, as it can be frustrating and exhausting. In the end, you have to do what is best for yourself, even if that means calling it quits. Just make sure that we trade info beforehand, so we can keep in touch!

    • Chandra says:

      For sure, lady! As of today I’m not goin’ anywhere, but if I did decided to take a break I’d definitely make sure to keep in touch with you!

  • Derika T. says:

    I LOVE this outfit! Please don’t stop blogging! There are other style blogs out there but they aren’t modest. On the other hand, there are modest blogs out there but they aren’t as stylish and fashionable like you (No offense to the other modest blogs). You have been so helpful in my new walk with Christ. Thanks to you, I have found websites that sell modest and fashionable clothes (i.e. down east basics, ASOS, etc). I really hope that you will continue blogging, if it doesn’t interfere with more important things. God bless! 🙂

    • Chandra says:

      Hi Derika! I totally get what you’re saying; that’s why I started my blog. No, I don’t think I’m some super stylish individual–I just realized that I couldn’t really identify with the style blogs I read and then the ones that fell into the “modest style” category weren’t really my cup of tea. I am glad to hear that you have been able to find some inspiration from my posts! Thank you for your encouragement!

  • Raquel Jasper says:

    Your hair is pretty. Wish I had the patient to sit for that long. I really hope you don’t stop blogging. You are the first Christian modesty blogger I found that I could truly relate to even it our styles were a bit different, I wear make-up and pants. Prior to finding you, all the modesty bloggers I followed were Muslim. They were elegant and fashion forward which is how I strive to dress but I always felt something was missing. I love your humor, the way you put outfits together (those shoes!) and your shopping atheistic, like you I love a good deal. I just love how you are YOU. I can even relate to your being Pentacostal (C.O.G.I.C.) raised girl here. Be blessed!

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