When it comes to wearing pleated skirts, I always feel like I’m way too bottom heavy for pleats or anything a-line. My mom pretty much raised me to avoid horizontal stripes and a-line skirts, and I’ve pretty much adhered to those rules all my life. In more recents years (months!) I’ve donned striped skirts and dresses, and this JCPenney skirt has gotten some serious wear since I bought it last February.

A few pleated skirt tips from Redbook:

  • Highlight your waist ( I love belting my pleated skirts)
  • Choose the right pleats
  • Wear heels
  • Play with color

Get inspired:







Pleated4 (source)

I’m wearing: H&M blouse, JCPenney skirt, random belt I found in my closet, Kurt Geiger Samantha Heels, Vintage magazine clutch purse

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10 Responses to Sunday Best: Pleated Skirt Inspiration

    • Chandra says:

      Hi Van! Thank you for your comments; I recently checked out your photos, and for some reason I forgot that you lived in Utah! I was thinking you lived in the Midwest!

  • Cindy says:

    I have always loved pleated skirts, they are very feminine. Your skirt looks very nice on you, the wide belt sets it off as well as your pretty heels. A lot of those rules that our mothers raised us with have gone out the window a long time ago, like the one my mom used to tell me; don’t ever mix blue and green. Now mixing blue and green is one of my favourite colour combos. I always say look at what God created and that tells you what goes together. Look at all the blue and green that he made!
    Your inspiration pictures have me thinking, I would really love to find a pleated skirt. I am going to Value Village tomorrow, perhaps I will get lucky!

    • Chandra says:

      I visited Value Village while I was Seattle, and I found a great skirt there! I’m excited to wear it. Re: rules…yes! Many rules are being broken these days, and I remind myself that as long as it’s modest and I like it…well, I guess it’s a-okay!

  • Dana says:

    I love this look espcially the pumps. Can you please let me know the brand? Thankyou.
    I recently started thrifting and LVE+ it!!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Chandra says:

      Hi Dana,
      I listed the shoes in the blog post (towards the end). Unfortunately, these shoes are sold out. I can’t believe I even found them when I did!


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