After sharing my news about designing a skirt or dress for MadeBy yesterday, I read through all of the Instagram/Facebook comments. I kept seeing “a dress with pockets” and “a skirt with pockets”! So, guess what I decided to wear to work today? OrangeOOTD3


If you guessed a skirt with pockets, you’d be correct! I purchased this skirt from eShakti a few months ago, and I’ve been waiting to take it to the tailor. I honestly think the hem is at a slightly unflattering length, and I wanted to hem it. I’ll probably shorten an inch or so.

I don’t know what it is about skirts and dresses with pockets. I don’t really use the pockets for anything–I just like the way the way it looks. Or maybe I like the idea of having the pockets (just in case I need them).



I did make a slight mistake today; I wore heels. I’m not sure what I was thinking–I wasn’t. By 11:00 I was wearing my J. Crew Emery flats!


Thanks for the feedback about the skirt/dress design. If you haven’t taken the survey, you can click here to take it.

Wearing: J. Crew Factory shirt (sold out, similar here), eShakti skirt (see all of their skirts here), Charlotte Russe heels

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