I got some e-mails and Instagram comments suggesting that I create a style challenge for July. Can you believe that the last “challenge” I created was in February?! I fell off the wagon for March; it was hard for me to keep up. At any rate, this is the challenge for July. I tried to keep it as basic as possible.


  1. What  does remix mean?  Remix means to wear again. Kendi of Kendi Everyday made this term super popular when she vowed to select 30 items from her wardrobe and wear them 30 different ways for 30 days.
  2. Why didn’t you include jewelry? I don’t wear necklaces, earrings, etc., and the vast majority of my followers don’t either. You can read more about that here.
  3. What about pants? I don’t wear those either. Read about that here.
  4. What if I can’t keep up everyday? That’s totally okay! This is meant to help you out–not make you stressed out. I understand that people have LIVES outside of Instagram and Facebook. If you can’t post, you can’t post. No big deal.
  5. What does Pinterest-Inspired mean? Many people pins outfits to their boards on Pinterest. Here’s my board. Pinterest-Inspired means to find an outfit you like, and recreate it in your own way.

I hope you’ll play along! You can share on Instagram by tagging me @moremodernmodesty and using the hashtag #momomod

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