Modest Swimwear
One of the items on my summer bucket list was to learn how to swim. Six lessons later I was able to float and swim across the pool. Woohoo! My backstroke is absolutely awful, so I guess I know what I need to work on.

After learning the basics, I knew that I could start checking water activities off of my list. First on my list? VISIT A WATER PARK! As a kid I didn’t really participate in water activities because a) I didn’t know how to swim and b) I didn’t have modest swimwear. My sister and I would randomly wear lonnnnnnnng t-shirts over our one piece swim suits, but once we hit our teen years my mom and dad didn’t think that was appropriate.

Modest Swimwear

A few weeks ago HydroChic offered to allow me to review their modest swimwear, and I jumped at the chance. Trust me–I shrieked with happiness. I got so excited I wasn’t sure where I was going to wear my modest swimwear. Should I try kayaking? Water aerobics? Surfing? Paddle boarding? Then I realized that this was the perfect time to finally visit a water park.

Last Saturday my husband and I spent the day at a water park, and thanks to HydroChic, I had an amazing time!

HydroChic sent me

I posted photos to Facebook and Instagram on Saturday, and the response was awesome! I got a few questions asking if I could recommend a cheaper product, and after spending the day in my HydroChic swimwear, the answer is no. I can’t recommend any other product(s). After going to Fiji and Portugal last year, I vowed to not miss out on anymore water activities because of a clothing issue. I tried other products, but I didn’t like how they fit, I didn’t like that the shorts under the skirt were so short, and I didn’t like the material that was used.

My HydroChic modest swimwear fit well, it was comfortable, it was well made, it dried fairly quickly, the shorts/leggings did NOT bunch up, and I didn’t feel restricted. Plus, the swim bra was perfect! When I’ve worn other garments I had to figure out what to wear underneath the rash guard. Wait! There’s more!

HydroChic products

  • are chlorine proof
  • will remain vibrant and won’t fade over time
  • have a Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+
  • are perfect for a variety of sports–not just water activities (I’m going to wear my skirt to the gym!)
  • are available in Misses and Plus sizes
Here’s me sliding down Bombs Away with my legs in the air, but I’m not worried! My leggings were long and covered my knees. WOOHOO!!
Chalking up some Wave Pool time. I look a mess, but I was so happy!
Don’t ask me how many times I ran under this thing screaming like a weirdo. After the fifth time I told myself, “Wait a minute. California is experiencing a drought!”
If you’ve been looking for modest swimwear, please be sure to check out HydroChic. They offer a variety of modest swim tops and modest swim bottoms. Their activewear is great for swimming and many other sports. Oh! HydroChic also offers modest swimwear for girls! If something like this was available to my eight and nine year-old self, I would have loved to have worn it! Seriously.
When you’re ready to invest in comfortable and quality modest swimwear, buy from HydroChic!
I’m wearing a rash guard, swim bra, and modest swim skirt from HydroChic. I am super thankful that they sent me these items!

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