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Brandon and I decided…wait. Waiiiiit. *AHEM* Let me try that again. I decided that we should take pictures for our 2014 holiday card at San Francisco City Hall, and Brandon was kind enough to join me. We all know that Brandon didn’t come up to me and say, “You know what, Chandra? I want to put on my black suit, I want you to wear your sequin maxi skirt, and I want us to galavant around City Hall for our holiday pictures!”

San Francisco City Hall is absolutely beautiful; while we were posing for our photos, it was so cool to see brides and grooms saying their vows and taking pictures. I loved it!

I hope you enjoy your holidays!

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Brandon and Chandra 0043
Brandon and Chandra 0014

Brandon and Chandra 0048
Brandon and Chandra 0055
Photo Credit: Majesta Patterson Photography  We used Minted for our holiday cards this year, and chose this card.

I’m wearing a J. Crew sweater, a maxi skirt I had made (simiar below), and some old beat up black sandals.

Brandon’s wearing a Ralph Lauren suit (similar), a Nordstrom shirt, and Maganini shoes (similar).




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