Floral kimono
As the title suggests, this post is all  about my love for kimonos. These bohemian toppers have been invading my closet for the last two years, and I heart them oh, so much.

1. Comfortable? Check.

2. Versatile? Mmmhmm.

3. Affordable? Yep!

floral kimono
I made two kimonos last year (here’s one), and sadly they never made it to the blog! They are easy to make, so if you have needle, thread, or a sewing machine handy, I totally encourage you to make one. There are a variety of tutorials online, so be sure to browse YouTube or Pinterest if you’re interested in making one.

The one I wore to church yesterday is a new Target purchase (I bought both colors; EDITED TO ADD: The kimonos have yet to make it online!); I’m a sucker for a gorgeous floral print, so when I saw this one I had to get it. I have a few sleeveless dresses that I plan to throw the kimono over. Yesterday I wore it over my black Dorothy Perkins dress and a pair of metallic ASOS heels.

Floral Kimono
I thought about belting the top, but I honestly didn’t want to be burdened down with  accessories and decided to nix the belt.

I’m wearing a Target kimono (I linked to similar styles since my kimono was an in-store purchase; it’s not online yet. Check out this black version!), a Dorothy Perkins dress (maternity version here), ASOS “Prompt” heels in metallic, and a thrifted leopard clutch.

5 Responses to Let’s Discuss Kimonos

  • Toni says:

    I’m not usually into floral prints, but that’s just gorgeous! I can’t find it on the Target site though. Is it only available in store?

    • Chandra says:

      Hi Toni!
      I’m so sorry! I failed to mention that it looked like Target hadn’t posted the kimono online; in my haste I forgot to include that important detail. I know how annoying it is for someone to blog about something they’re wearing only to find out they didn’t even include the ACTUAL item in the post. GRR!

      I hope you have a Target in your neighborhood. I bought mine on Friday, so be sure to run to Target! I’m sure this kimono is bound to fly off the shelves! Th


  • Keri Garrett says:

    I really love this outfit! I recently bought one of these but haven’t worn it yet. I just wasn’t sure if I would like it. After seeing it on you, I’m definitely going to wear mine!

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