eBay maxi dress
Another day, another eBay maxi dress. I’d given up on eBay for awhile; I was an eBay addict for several year, but once the online marketplace became overrun with gobs and oodles of bulk items from overseas sellers, I put eBay on the back burner. Last year, however, I my eBay love was rekindled and I started purchasing more of my clothing on the site. To be more specific, I started purchasing more maxi dresses on eBay.

eBay maxi dress
I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve purchased an item from eBay, and I assume everyone and their mom already knows how to use eBay. Well, I got a few emails asking about just how exactly do I find things on eBay? And how do you not get overwhelmed, lady?!

I made a YouTube video explaining my search preferences, and if you’re an eBay newbie, feel free to listen to eBay ramblings.

Search terms I use when browsing eBay (I then narrow my search for items in my size, etc.):

  • modest dress
  • summer maxi dress
  • kaftan dress sleeves
  • caftan dress sleeves
  • kimono coverup dress
  • tunic dress
  • maxi dress
  • long sleeve maxi dress
  • jersey maxi dress

Brands I search for when browsing eBay:

I’m wearing a dress and Joie sandals I purchased from eBay; my clutch is a vintage find from Savers.


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