17 Month Planners and Agendas

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Three things I plan on teaching my incoming sixth graders this year is planning, organization, and goal setting. I’ve been reading several articles and books on the subject, and while doing so, I realized I never really learned how to stay organized when I was a kid. I remember binder and backpack checks, but I never kept agendas or organizers. In high school and college, I didn’t use agendas, but I wrote things down in a ratty little notebook I carried around. Once I got a Palm Treo back in 2008ish, I kept everything in my phone.

After visiting the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in San Francisco last week, I saw so many cute agendas! I type up the majority of my to-do items in a Google Calendar and sync it to my iPhone, but I do realize there is power in writing down goals, plans, and to-do lists and checking off those items.

What if I’m overwhelmed with the idea of using an agenda?

  • I totally get this. I see so many Instagram posts of journaled Bibles and fancy script in agendas, and it’s enough to make my head spin.
  • Decide how you want to tackle the things you write down. By day? Week? Month?
  • Nix the idea of writing every single thing down. Be flexible.
  • Get some more help by reading this Huffington Post article.

How can I use my agenda or planner effectively?

  • Time management guru Mark Foster’s principle is do it tomorrow. Say what? Yep. To put it simply, whenever you think of something to do, or get assigned to do something, schedule it for tomorrow. This way you provide yourself with a buffer, and your day isn’t overwhelmed with all sorts of things to do.
  • Buy Mark Foster’s book Do it Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management here.

What should I put in my agenda?

  • That’s up to you. I plan to use mine for personal goals (Bible reading, exercise, and health).
  • This blogger even uses a weekly and separate daily planner. That’s a little much for me, but you can read how she manages two agendas here.

Planners and Agendas I’m Loving:

  1. 12-Week Fitness Journal
  2. A Daily Page (love this!)
  3. Today is Mine (great for tracking fitness goals and meals)
  4. This 17-Month Succulent Planner is EV.ER.Y.THANG.
  5. A Tools4Wisdom agenda would be great for goal setting.

Tell me: How do you stay organized? Are you Team Electronic or Team Write It Down? Can you recommend a favorite agenda?



4 Responses to Whimsical 17 Month Agendas and Organizers

  • Modupe says:

    I’m a paper planner kinda person!! I use a Filofax with customised inserts that allow me to forward and goal plan on year and monthly views, schedule appointments, track habits, track time, make lists, plan projects, brainstorm!!!! It’s my life!

    I also have a notebook for devotionals/Bible study but haven’t gotten into planning for those if that makes sense.

    • Chandra says:

      I totally forgot about Filofax! A friend in collage LIVED by her Filofax. There are so many cute inserts on Etsy for Filofax. Thanks for reminding me!!

  • Karen says:

    Team right it down all the way. I have a small, basic planner where i write to-do’s and keep a list of the bills i need to pay etc. I think maybe when i start getting busier with school, kids, appointments, businesses etc, i will have a need for a more intricate planner.

    • Chandra says:

      Thanks for your comment, Karen! I think I might start off with something basic; I don’t want to overwhelm myself and then stop using it!

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