TopShop Ghillie Flats

POP QUIZ! Read the question, and determine the best answer(s).

What are ghillies?

a. a man or boy who attends someone on a hunting or fishing expedition

b. a type of shoe with laces along the instep and no tongue, especially those used for Scottish country dancing

c. a red fresh water fish

d. both a and b are correct

The correct answer is…

D! Sooooo apparently lace up Scottish shoes are called ghillies! I always knew a gillie, or ghillie, was a camouflage type suit, so when I was looking at these TopShop flats and saw the term ghillie I was trying to figure out WHY. My search for ghillie flats resulted in a ton of flat and high heeled options, so then I realized ghillies must be some kind of lace-up shoe. Why did it take me 30 years to learn the name of Scottish dancing shoes?!

TopShop Ghillie Flats
One of my students gave me a nifty $100 Nordstrom gift card at the end of the school year, and I used it to buy these TopShop Kingdom flats. I love the vibrant red color, the laces, and the pointed toe. I wore them while we were in San Francisco, and I found them to be comfortable. I’d like to wear them to school, but I think I’ll have to add my arch supports for my sad, flat feet.

Other Ghillie Shoes I Like:

  1. Seems like TopShop has several options! Check ’em all out.
  2. Here’s a cute cognac color.
  3. This coral high heeled Dolce Vita option is super trendy.
  4. Since I stand all day, I probably should buy this orthopedic version.

This Has Nothing to Do With Flats, But…

These Old Navy skirts are $10! I’m wearing one with this outfit, and it’s pretty much my go-to skirt. I bought a couple earlier this year, and I wear one to work and the other for working out. These plaid midi skirts are also super cute; I’d have to get the slit sewed up, though. This olive plaid midi is also adorable. Don’t forget to use the code SUPER for 25% off any amount, 30% off $75, and 40% off $100. Browse all of Old Navy’s skirts here.

Ghillie Flats




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