Polka Dot Maxi Skirt
As I was getting dressed for our Sunday evening church service a few days ago, I was rooting around my closet for a crisp, white long sleeve shirt to wear with this polka dot maxi skirt. To my amazement, I do not own one (anymore…I know I had one)! I had plenty of denim and chambray shirts, and I know I typically don’t like to wear denim or chambray to church, but I did on Sunday!

I found this polka dot maxi skirt in San Francisco several weeks ago, and it reminded me of this skirt I wore last year. I didn’t get to wear a white shirt (obviously), but that got me thinking.

Polka Dot Maxi Skirt
I should own a white shirt! As I was looking through my closet, I realized I owned several whimsical print tops (like this, this orange print shirt, and this floral top). I’m always a sucker for those crazy J. Crew prints, but every now and then it’s nice to grab a basic item and wear it sans over-the-top flair.

I went back through my closet again on Monday, and I decided to take a little assessment. I’ve been going through my closet all summer and weeding out items, but I decided to write down things I’m missing. Essentials I guess? As much as I like this polka dot maxi skirt, it’s not something I’ll be wearing anytime soon!

My closet is missing:

  1. A white fitted dress shirt–I like these Brooks Brothers shirts, but I’m going to read some reviews. I do plan to spend some money of a shirt, so I want it to be good quality and long lasting. I also like this Everlane shirt.
  2. A 3/4 length black shirt–Something similar to this.)
  3. nice denim skirt–No rips, no tears, no ruffles, no rhinestones, not floor sweeping, not raggedy, not a-line. This denim skirt has buttons down the front. It’s below the knee, on sale, and an extra 15% off.
  4. A versatile black dress–I blogged about this ASOS dress. It’s great for church, business, and professional events, but not for everyday teaching. I was able to wear it to my school’s open house in May and to our 8th grade graduation, but I want something flowing and moveable for day time. That’s a big problem for me. Some things are great for work, but not for church! BOO. I really like this LOFT dress, but I’d like to go to the store and check it out. This Everlane dress was recently restocked, and I think this might be a great option.

You’ll have to let me know if you’ve had success finding any of these items. It’d also be good to know if you purchased from a particular brand, and found the garment to not be flattering or of good quality.

Modest Polka Dot Skirt
I’m wearing a polka dot maxi skirt (similar options below), a denim GAP shirt (similar options here), and ASOS heels (on sale here, other colors here).


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