Modest Workout Clothes

A few times a month I check in on my blog stats and look at the search terms people use to arrive at my site. Aside from curvy Pentecostal girl (join me in laughter), most people land here by searching for modest skirts, dresses, and…modest workout clothes. Sometimes I feel a little silly writing about modest workout clothes because I’m not sure how many ways I can say I-wear-jersey-knit-skirts-and-leggings, but in the words of Harry Cohn, “Give the public what they want.”

I think most people who don’t wear shorts, pants, and leggings as pants (UGH) know they’ll have to wear skirts to workout, so I don’t think I’m givin’ ya’ll brand new information here. Most ladies I’ve talked to on Instagram and Facebook admit the hardest part about modest workout clothes is—finding modest workout clothes!

For the most part, tops are easy to find. You can virtually wear any sweatshirt, hoodie, or top. I suggest Athleta, and I’ve had good luck Old Navy’s activewear tops (this top and this tank).  As far as modest workout skirts go, simply searching for exercise skirts will give you a variety of mini skirts to choose from, but not too many skirts that fall past the knees. I’ve used my Kosher Casual skirt and my HydroChic skirt for running, walking, hiking, and a variety of other exercises. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but when these Old Navy skirts go on sale, I stock up (currently: $10 and an extra 30% with code SWEETDEAL).

From the image above: Old Navy skirt, Arcteryx A2B Tank , The North Face hoodie, Nike Free 5.0 running shoes, VANS backpack

Get more modest workout clothes below: Modest Workout Clothes


I’m currently going to a morning bootcamp, and I’ve been looking for a less restrictive skirt. I do like my straight pencil skirts because I don’t have to worry about them falling as I lift my legs for leg lifts; I’ve been looking at this Prana skirt, and I might have to give it a test.

Prana Skirt (multiple colors),  Zella leggings, New Balance long sleeve, Reebok training watch, Wild Pair duffle bag, ASICS trail running shoes, Reebok performance gloves (similar styles here)

Modest Workout Clothes
I went to the doctor for a physical last week, and he wanted to run some blood tests. Nearly 24 hours after I nearly f a i n t e d while getting my blood drawn, my blood test results indicated something I’ve known for awhile–I’m extremely anemic. In addition to taking iron pills three times a day, I have to make sure I’m eating foods chock full of iron. Hello, Kale! This sweatshirt always makes me smile.

Pictured above: Kale sweatshirt (multiple colors), Herschel backpack, New Balance 574s (I have these in the tide pool color!), FitBit Charge,  Daily Look skirt

Do you have any more suggestions? Add them in the comments. If you sell modest workout skirts and gear, use the contact button to find out how to share your products my readers.

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5 Responses to Even More Modest Workout Clothes

  • Kathy McElhaney says:

    I have 2 athletic skorts from Dressing for His Glory ( I’ve had them for about 4 years and wear them 4-5 times a week for running and cycling. They have held up really well. They aren’t cheap, but since they’ve lasted so long, they’re definitely worth it.

  • Dionna says:

    Hey Chandra! I love seeing as many posts as possible about modest workout gear, it never gets old for me. Personally I wear Jersey skirts and leggings. I’d be interested in seeing some interviews with ladies that workout while dressed modestly and accompanying photos. I would also like to see a post about school aged young ladies that participate in sports while dressing modestly. Its encouraging to know that we can be active and have fun while still being modest.

    • Chandra says:

      Thanks, Dionna! I’ve been thinking about that; I’ve considered having my husband take pictures of me working out, but I feel awkward! I’m definitely going to reach out to some ladies, and if you know of any, send them my way!

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