Modest Maxi Dress With Sleeves
Oh. Hello there! Fancy meeting you here! School started nearly a month ago, so I have been total consumed with my new babies! Good ol’ sixth grade. I love these kids! I miss last year’s kids, but many of them show up like clock work once the bell rings at the end of the day (to visit…and raid my gummy bears, Starburst, and Skittles stash).

Did I tell you guys about the petition they started? Towards the end of school year, 100+ kids got together and started a petition for me to move up as a 7th grade teacher. It was very, very sweet. I got numerous emails over the summer asking if I was planning on becoming a 7th grade teacher for the 2015-16 school year, and I had to tell them no. When I saw the kids once school started, one of them said, “BUT WE STARTED A PETITION! THIS WAS A DONE DEAL!” I had to explain that that’s not how a petition works. His response? “Ugh. I hate the government.” Hahahahaha

I taught 7th grade two years ago, and woooooo! Seventh graders ain’t no joke, ya’ll! They are the middle children of middle school. Sixth graders are the babies, while 8th graders are the older children. Sixth graders still love you a little tiny bit, and many 8th graders are slightly more mature. Seventh grade? Jesus be a fence of protection! I’m still suffering from 7th grade PTSD! ;0)

Modest Maxi Dress With Sleeves
This is my fifth year of blogging, and I still can’t figure out the work-blog life balance. I’ve been thinking of changing my blog’s name, but I’ve had absolutely zero ideas about what I’d change it to. Anyone want to pitch in with some ideas?!

Modest Maxi Dress With Sleeves
Brandon and I celebrated our third year of marriage last Tuesday! Three years. T H R E E. Whewph. And nope. Still no babies. I love how six of my friends text me on our anniversary asking me when I’m going to have children. #realtalk: after teacher 145+ chirrens Monday-Friday, the last thing I want to do is come how to another child! I do NOT know how people do it!

Modest Style Blogger
I bought this maxi dress from Amazon last week; I took a chance because it was $26 and free shipping via Amazon Prime, and if it didn’t work out, I could send it back. The reviews were meh. You know how I always complain about those half slips they put under maxi dresses (I mean, seriously. Why bother?)? Well, this dress came with NOTHING! No slip. No lining. Just a sheer dress. I laughed. I just wore a sleeveless tank and one of my trusty jersey knit skirts underneath. If you want to buy this dress, know that it is LONG. I wore heels so it wouldn’t drag the ground, and the sleeves are long, too!

The dress comes in four colors, and you can buy it here.

I’ll be back tomorrow featuring a skirt SevenTwo Denim sent me. Check out their site!

I’m wearing a dress a bought from Amazon last week, a clutch purse I bought from the Alameda Flea right before my wedding three years ago, and some suuuuuper old black sandals (similar below).

12 Responses to Teacher Talk and an Amazon Maxi Dress

  • Jen Lord says:

    My hat goes off to anyone who is a teacher and even more so, a middle school teacher!!!!

    And it’s cool to see you wearing that dress! I have looked at it on Amazon before. Looks beautiful!

    • Chandra says:

      Good ol’ middle school! I always thought I’d stay in 2nd grade forever, but I landed in middle school. This age is especially tough; being a teen/pre-teen is rough! I try my absolute best to exercise patience, but wooooooo! It is QUITE difficult!

  • Jackie Brown says:

    Happy Anniversary Chandra,

    When and if you have kids you can’t get “rid” of them until 18 so enjoy your life to the fullest while you can πŸ™‚

    The dress is a breath of fresh air. Loving it!!!

  • Doris says:

    I like the dress!

    I was thinking about a possible new name for your blog….what about….”Covered yet Elegant”? lol

    It is counter-cultural to be both nowadays, unfortunately.

    Keep up the great work, I have the outmost respect for teachers! I am so grateful for caring teachers who pour their lives into our youngins. I have 2 at school, and 2 left at home. And I am grateful for the daytime break I get with only 2 kids to care for. It gives me time to regroup and accomplish more things at home…until homework time, that is! lol

  • Goodness! I remember how horrible my class was in 7th grade, so I can’t even imagine having to teach it! #notever How sweet is it that they all went as far as signing a petition to have you teach 7th grade though. That’ll bring a tear to your eye! ~ Work-blog life is something that I’m struggling with now myself. They only thing I can think to do is get a reeeeeally awesome day planner or blog planner. That, and cutting back on posting. Sometimes you just need a break, ya know? ~ Happy Anniversary!!! ~ Loving all the colors in your dress and the sunglasses too. πŸ™‚

  • Kerissa says:

    I taught 8th grade for 8 years. Yes they want to be grown but they haven’t quite figured out how yet. LOL I call it the love em and guide em grade. In and out. Off to high so so they go. God is good. I’m a teacher mom and I tell folks all and u do mean ALL the time my son in enough. Teaching is birth control! The petiition says a lot about the effective you had on the students. Bravo. Have an enjoyable year.

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