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Where to Buy Modest Skirts
I am hoping you can provide some help. As a teacher, I try to have modest skirts, yet they are often too short in the back due to my “‘junk in the trunk'”, or ride up during the 3 flights of stairs up to my classroom. I have some skirts I already thrifted that are just a touch too short in the back. I like knee length or just below because I am only 5 feet tall. Do you have any ideas or suggestions to help with the coverage?

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What do you think when you think J. Crew? Here’s what I think:

  • sequins
  • clashing patterns that somehow work aka pattern mixing
  • “pops of color” (do we blame J. Crew for this term?)
  • prints
  • formerly classic, currently trendy (read this article)

There are two types of J. Crew customers: Team J. Crew Classic and Team Trendy J. Crew. The J. Crew I grew up with was Team Classic J. Crew. Tailored khaki colored skirts, crisp white buttons downs, and luscious cashmere sweaters appeared on mannequins in the J. Crew stores. I remember getting my first J. Crew blazer (still have it!) and vowing never to rid myself of it.

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Modest Style Blog
And just like that. It’s July 5th! I always consider July 4th the halfway point of the year; it’s basically all downhill from there. I went to Savers on Thursday, and they had CHRISTMAS directions for sale. Crazy!

Yesterday I started the day off in this maxi dress I found at Macy’s and a classic pair of white Converse, but I didn’t like the maxi dress. I liked it, but didn’t like how it showed off my behind. I ended up changing into a thrifted/vintage polka dot skirt, the denim shirt I wore here, a red tank top I bought last year after 4th of July, and my sandals of the week (worn here and here). Continue reading →

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