Modest Denim Skirt
When I was a teen, I lived for denim skirts–the darker the better. However, over the years I’ve strayed away from denim skirts because the dark wash denim skirts I loved tended to fade after two or three washes! Two years ago I found a denim skirt at Savers and wore that skirt until the buttons fell off. When SevenTwo Denim asked me to give one of their modest indigo denim skirts a test, I was happy to oblige! Continue reading →

Adult Saltwater Sandals
 This week has been a busy week for me; my mom and sister are coming to visit for the next few days, so I’ve been attempting to prepare for their arrival. That means a bunch of cleaning, purging, and organizing–stuff I’ve been meaning to do for awhile, but I never got around to doing it (nothing like yo’ mama’s arrival to make you go into a cleaning tizzy).

Adult Saltwater Sandals
A few weeks ago I placed an order for an adult sized pair of Saltwater Sandals from Zappos. However, when they arrived I go a size kids’ size 9! I called Zappos, they were sold out of the red (OF COURSE!), and they sent me a gold pair of Saltwater sandals for FREE and told me to keep the pair they sent! I’m planning on giving those to my friend’s daughter.

I do like my gold pair, but I really wanted a red pair of Saltwaters; I ended up getting them at a local shoe store and I love them! I remember wearing Saltwater sandals as a kid, and about six or seven years ago my friend Cheric wore her Saltwaters to church camp, and I fell in love with them again! Salwater sandals have been on my mind every summer since then, but I didn’t buy a pair (or two) until this summer. They seem to be everywhere and I almost didn’t buy them.

Adult Saltwater Sandals
I’m glad I got them, and if you’re interested in a pair for  yourself, here are a few things you should know:

  • When ordering online, be sure to order the big kid/adult size.
  • The shoes run large; I ordered my normal size, but I could have gone down a full size.
  • They are made for water; when we were in Carmel a couple of weekends ago, I wore these into the ocean with no problem. They dried quickly, but they also stretched out and got a little loose.

I’m wearing a GAP chambray shirt (similar, Day 23 of the Style Challenge!), a Dorothy Perkins skirt, Saltwater Sandals, and a Harper Reversible Tote.


After searching for a knee length denim skirt (not too short, not too long, not frumpy, no rhinestones, no frayed hems/edges, no slits…the list goes on…), I finally found one! Of course it was at Salvation Army!

I’ve had a handful of denim skirts throughout my life and used to wear them often. If you know anything about Apostolic Pentecostal women, then you know that they pretty much go nuts for denim skirts.

My major problem with the denim skirts I’ve come across is that they usually look…frumpy. They’re either sweeping the floor, frayed at the hems (what IS that all about?!), or they are bedazzled on the pockets (NO!). As soon as I think I’ve landed the perfect denim skirt I seem to also find a slit up to the hip bone and that’s no bueno.

The tag has been cut out of the skirt I found, so I’m not sure about the brand.

Why did this skirt make the cut?

a. The length

b. The gold buttons

c. The ruching along the hem and to the side

d. The color

What’s your take on denim skirts? If you can lead me in the right direction to more denim skirts, please fill me in!

Wearing: Gap button up, thrifted denim skirt, J. Crew Emery flats

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