eBay maxi dress
Another day, another eBay maxi dress. I’d given up on eBay for awhile; I was an eBay addict for several year, but once the online marketplace became overrun with gobs and oodles of bulk items from overseas sellers, I put eBay on the back burner. Last year, however, I my eBay love was rekindled and I started purchasing more of my clothing on the site. To be more specific, I started purchasing more maxi dresses on eBay. Continue reading →

I honestly thought spring break would never arrive. My school district ended up having a late break, and I’m pretty sure all students and teachers were going crazy!

Brandon was asked to speak at a conference, so he decided to let me join him; we spent a few days in Orlando, Florida at Disney World. We went to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Typhoon Lagoon (a water park). He’s actually speaking at the conference today, and since I start back to school today, I came back home a few days earlier.

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Leopard Maxi Dress
 Every time I decide I’ve had enough of eBay, I log back on and end up finding something I like. After a nice lil’ eBay hiatus, I logged back on sometime in January and searched for maxi dresses a couple times a week.

Leopard Maxi Dress
 I ended up finding a seller who had multiple maxi dresses for sale, and I bought three of them. I tend to avoid full blown animal print clothing and opt for touches of animal print (leopard/cheetah) on my shoes, scarves, and purses. I couldn’t resist this dress though, soooo I bought it! I actually thought it was a black dress, so I was a bit surprised when I opened up the package.

Leopard Maxi Dress
The only drawback to the dress is the horrible half slip that comes attached to the dress. I haaaaaate those tiny slips with a passion! I’d rather dresses/skirts come without those slips! It’s not like the slips are helping; I ended up wearing one of my stretchy black skirts underneath the dress, and I’ll probably haul out my sewing machine and sew a new slip underneath the dress.

Leopard Maxi Dress
Leopard Maxi Dress
Have a great week! By the way, Mariam is the winner of the HydroChic modest swimwear giveaway! I sent you an email, Mariam, so be sure to reply before 11:59 p.m. tonight!

I’m wearing a dress I found on eBay, and some sandals I bought last year. I cannot for the life of me remember where I bought them!


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Does anyone else do this: miss out on an item in a brick and mortar store and then surf eBay for 8+ months looking for the item? ‘Cause I do!

Seriously, though. I saw this skirt on oldnavy.com sometime last year, didn’t buy it because I thought a full skirt and stripes was not a good look for my hips, then decided I wanted to try it anyway, missed out, and then surfed eBay until I found it about two weeks ago for $6! All I did was search for “old navy skirt stripes” and set my size and maximum price. I use the eBay app, so my searches are always saved. I use the app about two to three times a week and I just click on my saved search and if anything is listed–it appears.

I’ve does this for a few items (reading glasses, a purse, an H&M dress); the longest search I’ve endured was about two years. I was looking for a pair of L.A.M.B. heels that I liked and ended up finding them for way cheaper about 24 months after they hit the shelves.


One thing I do like about this skirt is the pockets. Dresses and skirts with pockets are right up my alley! I didn’t even realize the skirt HAD pockets until I tried it on this morning. Winning!

In other news…I’ve decided to stop putting heat on my hair. Before Fiji I couldn’t stop looking at my terrible split ends. I knew that I had zero plans to maintain straight hair while in Fiji (humidity, people!), so when I got home I just realized that I’d be wash and go and all natural Chandra for quite awhile. I can’t say that I’m addicted to heat, but I did/do enjoy having straight hair. I would add heat to my hair (flat iron) a couple times a week, but my hair has had enough of the heat madness. I’ve been reading Kendra Thaler’s Natural Hair Blog to figure out what new hair things I can try with this ‘do of mine.

OOTD3 Can you see the mosquito bites on my ankles?! Fiji mosquitoes ain’t no joke, ya’ll! Brandon got eaten alive; I had a few bites and most of them are gone, but two days ago the bites on my calf and hip were itching like crazy. It took everything within me to not want to reach down my skirt and scratch my hip like nobody’s business (TMI?). My scaredy-cat side almost got the best of me, but I refused to Google Fiji mosquitoes. I didn’t want to see anything terrible and start diagnosing myself with malaria. Brandon told me he did some research and he thinks we were bitten by some sand flies or mosquitoes because those bites tend to last a bit longer. Ah, well.

Happy Friday!

Wearing: Target top, Old Navy Skirt, Sole Society Shoes, Reversible Harper Tote

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