New Year’s Eve is two days away, so if you’re in need of some modest New Year’s Eve outfit inspiration, I hope I can help you! I decided to not fall prey to the idea that New Year’s Eve means a new outfit; I’m planning on shopping my closet, and if you’re not interested in accumulating more things, you can shop your closet, too.

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A month or so ago, my buddy Bekki emailed me asking if I knew what a clothing swap was and if it was something I’d be interested in participating in. I had heard about the swaps before and I figured that attending one would be fun!

Bekki and I started emailing back and forth an a small modest clothing swap that was to be hosted in the living room of her house turned into a larger sized swap to be hosted by the United Pentecostal Church of El Monte.

Here are the details:

FAQs About the Swap

  1. What is a clothing swap? The term swap means to exchange goods with someone else for something of similar value. A clothing swap is just that. Groups of people get together to exchange clothing.
  2. How will the modest clothing swap work? Clean your closet. You’re bound to have items that are too small, too big, too old, or too____ that you don’t wear or will never wear. Make sure those items are cleaned, free of rips, tears, holes, stains, and smells and place them in a large garbage bag. Pay the $12 fee to attend the swap, show up the day of with your items, you will be instructed to place your items on a rack (by size), and then at 1pm you will look for other clothes that interest you–brought in my other swappers.
  3. So, for $12 I get more clothes?! Yes! You pay the $12 fee and will most definitely leave with shoes, clothing, and accessories worth more than $12.
  4. Can I bring shoes? Yes. You can swap your shoes. Make sure your shoes have life left (no toe prints, broken heels, tattered straps, and messy scuffs. Wipe your shoes down with a spray cleaner or solution–rubbing alcohol works great).
  5. What about accessories? Sure! Bring your purses, belts, shoe clips, and other accessories with you. There will be a table for these items.
  6. Why else should I attend? You mean a good time with other ladies is NOT good enough?! Ha! I’ve networked and met up with a few other companies that have AGREED to send items that will be give away! eShakti, Apostolic Clothing, Paulina Carmel, Style J, and Style Me Fashions have all agreed to send a product or two (and even gift certificates) to be given away to attendees of this event. All attendees will receive coupon codes good for purchases from the sponsors’ online marketplaces.
  7. Will there be other vendors? So far, Paulina of Austenland Hair Accessories will be in attendance selling her handmade hair accessories.  I have slots for two more vendors, so if you’re interested in setting up shop at this event contact me. Keep in mind that the vendors will need cold, hard cash to pay for their goods and services–in addition to the $12 fee. Vendors will accept payment at their table.
  8. What kind of vendors are you looking for? Bekki and I are giving special preference to individuals selling modest clothing for women and girls. However, we will consider any vendor. Just contact us.

The more items each person brings, the more things there will be to swap!


Please be sure to check out the sponsors and the host for the event:

United Pentecostal Church of El Monte


Apostolic Clothing

Style J

Style Me Fashions

Paulina Carmel

If you would like me to mail a flyer to post at your place of worship (SoCal residents), contact me and I will snail mail you a flyer.

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