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Polka Dot Maxi Skirt
As I was getting dressed for our Sunday evening church service a few days ago, I was rooting around my closet for a crisp, white long sleeve shirt to wear with this polka dot maxi skirt. To my amazement, I do not own one (anymore…I know I had one)! I had plenty of denim and chambray shirts, and I know I typically don’t like to wear denim or chambray to church, but I did on Sunday!

I found this polka dot maxi skirt in San Francisco several weeks ago, and it reminded me of this skirt I wore last year. I didn’t get to wear a white shirt (obviously), but that got me thinking. Continue reading →

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As my husband and I got dressed for church yesterday, he noticed my pink Ivanka Trump Carra pumps lying on the floor. I brought them out to wear with a different outfit, and I thought they might work for yesterday’s skirt and top choice. Brandon looked pointedly at the shoes and said, “Are you wearing those purple shoes?” Of course I had to let him know they were pink–not purple. After dismissing my color specification, he suggested I wear the pink shoes.

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I’ve been on summer vacation since June 6th, and I had all these grand plans to, well, plan. I’m moving down a grade this year (7th to 6th), and I wanted to make some changes to my syllabus, classroom rules, and so on. I realized this week that I didn’t follow through with my ornate ideas, and school starts in two weeks! Crunch time!

I was able to attend two teacher conferences (one of them the Google Apps for Education conference…AWESOME), and I’ve got another conference this coming week.

Today, however, I am en route to a birthday party for my friend’s daughter. The party doesn’t start until this afternoon, but I’m leaving early to spend some time with my friend. I haven’t seen her since my wedding, and can you believe she’s invited me to visit her in Hawai’i and I’ve YET to accept that invite? Something is wrong with my head!

When I bought this striped J. Crew Factory top, I bought the polka dot top, too. After spending some time looking at fruit salad recipes on Pinterest last night, I ended up pairing my polka dot top, with my Kelly green maxi skirt, and my neon shoes. I think I had watermelon on the brain.

I’m wearing a J. Crew Factory polka dot top (similar here), a maxi skirt I purchased from Jane.com (sold out), a clutch purse I thrifted, and Charlotte Russe heels.

Brandon snapped this photo of me Sunday morning in the Target parking lot after we went brunching. Seriously, though. What is up with that filthy looking pavement?

Getting married meant I had to give up closet space. I still have clothes in two closets back home and I think I’m going to donate the entire lot of it to Goodwill once I make it back down for Christmas. This weekend, though, I managed to organize my San Jose closet by color. Lights, darks, coats, and prints! I realized that I several polka dot printed blouses and sweaters. There’s just something about polka dots! When I saw this blouse at JCrew for $15–I snagged it!

I’m wearing a JCrew blouse that I couldn’t find on their site, but here’s a similar one here, an old NY&Co pencil skirt, Forever 21 tights, and Mojo Moxy bow heels (sold out). You can recreate the look of these shoes with shoeclips.  

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