Sunday Sequins
Since it seems like the only time I wear this skirt is on Sundays, I’ve decided to call this my Sunday Sequin Skirt!

I went to a water park with my husband this weekend, and I got banged up on one of the slides. I got several bruises on my legs and arms, but I had a great time!

Today is my first day back to work (students come back next week), so I’ll be in professional development for the rest of the week. Anybody willing to help me finish decorating my sixth grade classroom? ANYONE?!

Two of my co-workers and I stumbled upon some knit fabric at a teacher discount store, and each bolt of fabric was $15! That’s an awesome price.  So, I tried fabric instead of paper for one of my walls, and it took me over an hour to finish. I should have used a woven instead of stretch knit. I ended up using paper for the rest of my walls.

photo (5)

Here’s the fabric we purchased.

photo (6)

You can see the fabric I used on the far left. It’s so crooked; I’m too embarrassed to show a close up! Ha!

I’m wearing a J. Crew Factory top, a Target sequin skirt, Forever 21 heels (similar), and a clutch I purchased at a flea market.

I nabbed this plaid shirt from Target recently, and I was trying to figure out how I would wear it.  My natural choice was to opt for a denim skirt, but then I figured I’d look like a farmer or a lumber jack. My final selection was my trusty crochet lace Mika Rose skirt and I finished off my outfit with my new gold Zara shoes. I like how this Target plaid shirt has a different plaid pattern lining on the inside!

You know what I just realized? I’m standing the exact same way in all of these photos, my collar is inside of my shirt in the last photo, and I’ve got a peek-a-boo thing happening up top. Yeah, this is how I look at the end of each day, ya’ll. A mess! Haaa! Oh, well!

I’m wearing a Target plaid shirt (found in store, cheaper online), Zara sandals (found in store, sold out online), Mikarose skirt, and an H&M purse.

 Before floral print, I was a polka dot girl. I’ve been opting for more florals lately, but today I decided to pull out my trusty Target polka dot top and pair it with my ASOS pleated skirt. After buckling my old Target belt, I realized that even though I was supposed to be wearing my Target favorites yesterday, but I’m actually wearing them today! Annnnnd I belted my skirt. What do you know? I’m not cheating on the style challenge!

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