Modest Workout Clothes

A few times a month I check in on my blog stats and look at the search terms people use to arrive at my site. Aside from curvy Pentecostal girl (join me in laughter), most people land here by searching for modest skirts, dresses, and…modest workout clothes. Sometimes I feel a little silly writing about modest workout clothes because I’m not sure how many ways I can say I-wear-jersey-knit-skirts-and-leggings, but in the words of Harry Cohn, “Give the public what they want.”

I think most people who don’t wear shorts, pants, and leggings as pants (UGH) know they’ll have to wear skirts to workout, so I don’t think I’m givin’ ya’ll brand new information here. Most ladies I’ve talked to on Instagram and Facebook admit the hardest part about modest workout clothes is—finding modest workout clothes!

For the most part, tops are easy to find. You can virtually wear any sweatshirt, hoodie, or top. I suggest Athleta, and I’ve had good luck Old Navy’s activewear tops (this top and this tank).  As far as modest workout skirts go, simply searching for exercise skirts will give you a variety of mini skirts to choose from, but not too many skirts that fall past the knees. I’ve used my Kosher Casual skirt and my HydroChic skirt for running, walking, hiking, and a variety of other exercises. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but when these Old Navy skirts go on sale, I stock up (currently: $10 and an extra 30% with code SWEETDEAL).

From the image above: Old Navy skirt, Arcteryx A2B Tank , The North Face hoodie, Nike Free 5.0 running shoes, VANS backpack

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What to Wear Under Dresses and Skirts
A question I usually get during the summer months is, “How do you wear skirts and dresses in the summer and control the sweat?” Another popular question is, “You only wear skirts, so don’t you have sweaty thighs in the summer?!” In this post last year, I wrote about a few tips to help you make it through the summer. I admit those tips are great for anyone not dealing with humidity and heat. I had the privilege of experiencing some Southern humidity a few weeks ago, and that mess is way too real!

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Fashionable Comfortable Shoes

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Reader Question: 

Hi…Any suggestions for cute but comfy shoes? I’m a first-year teacher and will be teaching kindergarten (starting next month – I’m terrified). My shoe collection consists pretty much of flip flops and high-heeled church shoes. I experimented with all kinds of styles and shoes during student teaching and never found a style that was comfortable throughout an entire day of on-my-feet teaching. Help!



First of all, congratulations on the teaching job! I never taught kindergarten, but Shey of A Skirt a Day always makes it look easy! I know exactly what you mean about cute and comfortable shoes. I’ve gone through many pairs of shoes during my five years of teaching, and it’s been a painful process. I have virtually no arch, and flat shoes tend to hurt my feet more than heels! Last school year I wore my J. Crew Factory flats faithfully throughout the work week (read more here). I’ve been really shocked at how comfortable they’ve been and how long they’ve lasted. While the Emery flats have worked well for me, you definitely need some other suggestions on how to find the perfect pair of flats.

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How to Use EBATES
I’ve always been a proponent of searching high and low for discount codes and coupons prior to making an online purchase, so I’m not really sure why I’ve been avoiding EBATES all of these years! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen EBATES on blogs and the news, yet I never really used the site. Who/what is EBATES? EBATES was one of the first companies to offer cash back for online shopping! I listed all the details in the video/screencast below. Check it out! Continue reading →

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