eBay maxi dress
Another day, another eBay maxi dress. I’d given up on eBay for awhile; I was an eBay addict for several year, but once the online marketplace became overrun with gobs and oodles of bulk items from overseas sellers, I put eBay on the back burner. Last year, however, I my eBay love was rekindled and I started purchasing more of my clothing on the site. To be more specific, I started purchasing more maxi dresses on eBay. Continue reading →

How to Use EBATES
I’ve always been a proponent of searching high and low for discount codes and coupons prior to making an online purchase, so I’m not really sure why I’ve been avoiding EBATES all of these years! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen EBATES on blogs and the news, yet I never really used the site. Who/what is EBATES? EBATES was one of the first companies to offer cash back for online shopping! I listed all the details in the video/screencast below. Check it out! Continue reading →


Here’s some truth:

It seems like every year I go through this bouts of “Hmmm…should I continue blogging?” The blogosphere is so saturated with style blogs these days that it’s enough to make your head spin! So, I go back and forth and forth and back. Argh!

SB2 A few weeks ago two young ladies from my church put a clothing sale together, so several of us got together on a Wednesday night after service and sold or traded clothes. My beautiful friend Annaliza had this H&M dress in her pile of goodies and I traded a polka dot top I had for this dress. The dress has Grecian style sleeves (near the elbow, but a slit from the shoulder to the hem of the sleeve) and I figured I’d just sew up the sleeves. Well, after putting the dress on to wear to a baby shower on Friday I realized that the sleeves were very unflattering on me. I didn’t have time to remove the sleeves, so a cardigan was the easy route. The other easy route was simply wearing this same outfit to church Sunday night. When I wore the outfit Friday night I wore J. Crew Emery flats (LOVE).



You’ll also realize that I’ve gotta new hair-do; I got tired of messing with my hair, soooooo I got Senegalese twists last Wednesday. I used to have my hair braided every summer (and many times year around) until four or five years ago. I don’t plan on leaving them in too long, but not having to do my hair for the next few weeks will be GREAT!

Wearing: H&M pleated dress by way of trade, Gap cardigan, F21 belt, Kate Spade Charm heels by way of Poshmark (last seen here), handmade purse I purchased from the island of Saõ Miguel while vacationing in the Açores

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