Senegalese Twists Style
Well, life for me has been incredibly busy, and you know what that means? My lil’ ol’ blog takes the back seat. Eek! It’s always so much easier to crank out content over the summer, but once I get back in the classroom, it gets a bit difficult for me generate content. I leave early, I come home late, and I just don’t have the energy!

I will also point out that I’ve been attempting to be less “plugged in”; I always say that I believe modesty is more than one’s outward appearance, and I recently decided to be more modest about my time spent online. If I haven’t read my Bible or prayed, I really don’t need to be scrolling, posting, liking, commenting, sharing, and engaging with stuff that–let’s be honest–doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.


Now, how do I move on from that topic? Ha! I spent some time this summer at several vintage stores, and I picked up this colorful vintage skirt at a vintage boutique in Oakland. I had to greet at church last night, it was nearly time for my husband and I to leave, and I didn’t have a lot of time to waste trying to get dressed. This skirt was the first thing I grabbed; I tried adding a petticoat underneath, but it looked funny.

Oh, and my hair! I got tired of dealing with my hair, so I went and got Senegalese twists on Saturday morning. I had them for the first time last year, loved them, and knew that I’d get them put in again. I used to have my hair braided allllllllllll the time as a kid and a teen (and even my early 20s), but I started trying to actually take care of my own hair by the time I was 23. When I get to school this morning, I know my students are going to flip out! When I wore my hair curled for picture day a few weeks ago, they couldn’t get over the brief change. When I come in with a full head of twists, they might lose their minds!

I’m wearing a Target top, a vintage skirt, an ASOS belt (I love buying belts from them! Check their latest styles here.), and Enzo Angiolini heels (old).


RV 2
I’ve been wanting to take a cross country road trip, and I’ve been dropping hints to Brandon for awhile. We took a 12-hour road trip to Portland in May, and I realized that I was most likely not cut out for a drive across the United States. Of course I forgot about my en-route-to-Portland-sleepiness nearly 48 hours after returning home (I tried my hardest to drive, but B had to take over MANY times), and I already started talking about an RV trip.

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Modest Style Blog
And just like that. It’s July 5th! I always consider July 4th the halfway point of the year; it’s basically all downhill from there. I went to Savers on Thursday, and they had CHRISTMAS directions for sale. Crazy!

Yesterday I started the day off in this maxi dress I found at Macy’s and a classic pair of white Converse, but I didn’t like the maxi dress. I liked it, but didn’t like how it showed off my behind. I ended up changing into a thrifted/vintage polka dot skirt, the denim shirt I wore here, a red tank top I bought last year after 4th of July, and my sandals of the week (worn here and here). Continue reading →

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